Tuesday, July 29, 2014

San Diego Comic Con ........ Part 1

My comic con trek began around 4am on Wednesday the 23rd. We had a bright at early flight from Northern California to southern. My husband drove my mom, daughter and myself to the tiny airport and away we went. Luckily Camille slept pretty much the whole flight. We landed in LAX, made a Disney pit stop to have breakfast with a friend and then headed to San Diego. We got our passes and settled into our condo. My brother in law picked us up and took us to dinner at a burger place called Hodad's. It was DELICIOUS. tons of food, really good, and awesome music. You just don't hear Danzig at restaurants much. Shame, really.

Thursday I was really excited for a Battlestar Gallactica panel. It sort of ended up being mostly just a Richard Hatch talking about Richard Hatch panel, but it is what it is. I wore my BSG tank top and loved seeing the few BSG cosplayers. mostly blonds playing Starbuck. I was hoping for one hot lady to be 6, but no luck.
By this time, we had most of our group assembled. We wandered the exhibits for a while after that panel, taking in our first day. We played with legos!

Two in our group are pretty big LOTR fans, so we headed to to an Unofficial Hobbit panel. We got there early and got to listen to George RR Martin discuss his books a bit. It was good timing for me because I watch Game and Thrones and have just started book one on audio during my work commutes.It was cool to hear him talk about the differences between the books and show and about all his other works.

I also got a surprise visitor that night! While heading out to dinner, Kieran surprised me by bringing Amanda! I hadn't seen her in like forever and it was the best surprise.

That was pretty much our first day. I'll leave you with some random pictures I took Thursday:

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