Thursday, July 31, 2014

San Diego Comic Con 2014

Friday was the next day of Comic Con. We only had a couple of panels on our wish list, Cosplay 101 and Falling Skies. It was our first cosplay day! We were dressed as Ghostbusters and I made Camille a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume! We had a bit of a fight getting it on her. Once it was on thought she was fine and away we went. We headed to Nerd HQ first, checked out all they had to offer and took some pics

 We headed to Cosplay 101, which had some cool information. One of the panelist was actually someone we met at ConDor! We recognized his awesome cool arm. I wish I had gotten a picture of him! After that the Falling Skies panel was awesome. Most of the main characters were there, it was great to hear them talk about what they hoped for their characters. By that time, I think i was dying. It was SO FRAKING HOT in our ghostbuster coveralls. Sweaty! But it was super fun to be a group. We saw a couple other awesome cosplays:
Saturday was my day! JOHN BARROWMAN DAY!!! That was all I really cared about. Camille and I were both dressed as a TARDIS. We wandered the exhibit hall, Kieran bought some art, I bought some boots then we headed to the Indigo ballroom to see Defiance, Nerdist and John Barrowman. All AWESOME panels. Camille was tired/fussy during Defiance so we went for a walk and wandered around. When we came back we went to where the Defiance cast was, just to see them. Camille dropped her Barbie on the other side of a roped off area. Grant Bowler (Nolan on Defiance) walked by and saved her Barbie. He said how cute she was and airplaned her Barbie to her. She's always making famous friends! John Barrowman was great too, he is always so fun. He answered a ton of questions, we got to ask him about his books, if there was a chance of a graphic novel or live action version. His answer was a definite maybe! Awesome!! After that we went back to the Exhibit Hall, took a picture with a White Walker, Baymax, and some Star Trek guys. Camille also started saying Spiderman. Apparently she's a big fan!

Sunday was our last day (insert sad face). It was Jayne hat day! I knit 5 Jayne hats and I'm still totaly over yellow and orange. OVER IT. But it was aweosme. My mom, Camille and I wore shirts that said WWJD What Would Jayne Do? It was great to see all the people that Got it. Sadly we got quite a few "who is Jayne" but we quickly learned them good. Awesome buddy Kieran got there before us and got in line for me to get John Barrowmans signature! YAY! But I ran all the way there from the trolley so I was pretty gross and sweaty when I got there. But whatever! He signed Camille's TARDIS Dress! IT"S AWESOME!!! Then we turned the corner and there was Jamie Bamber!! Be still by BSG heart!! He was so handsome and sweet. LOVE HIM. I had him sign my BSG shirt. Then later in the day I got Richard Hatch to sign it! Both Appolo's on one shirt!! New favorite possesion! We just wandered around and saw what we could see Sunday. My mom and I really checked out the Artists Alley, there were so many awesome awesome artists.
I think next year I will try to blog each day so I can really remember each day. Our hotel/condo didn't have wi-fi so I didn't get a chance to, but next year I think it'll be worth it!
I can't wait for next year!! I want to start planning our cosplay now! and I think we may hit up some other Cons before then. Maybe see what northern California has to offer!

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