Monday, March 24, 2014

ConDor Convention San Diego 2014

We had so much fun!!!!! We didn't even get to do any of the panels or things of that nature, but we still had a total blast. Here's a recap and some pictures!
We arrived Friday night. Our friend Kristen joined us and rounded out the Nerdsketeers. Camille was our fourth Nerdsketeer.The con was open on Friday but due to my day job, I wasn't able to get off that day. So we drove down after work. Saturday we got up early and hussled downstairs only to have to wait for the Dealer room to be opened. We evenetually got ourselves set up and were pretty proud of our offerings!
Throughout the day we met so many awesome people! We were lucky enough to get to sit next to Lady Mari, who was dressed as a vampire Effie Trinket. She was an awesome neighbor! You can check her out HERE! Here she is with Amber on Sunday:

Saturday also brought about meeting the author James Matlack Raney, author of Jim Morgan and the King of Thieves. He complimented Camille on her Star Wars shirt and that pretty much won us over. I bought his book and had him sign it to Camille. I swear, this girl charms all the handsome authors! He was really sweet and even took a pic with us

There were tons of other great characters, we just didn't get enough pictures! Next time we will take TONS more pictures! We just kept oohing and ahhing over costumes and outfits! We started coming up with nicknames for our favorites. Jumanji and Fantasy were big hits with us! Here's a couple more pics of some cool ones:
 ^ He had a pack on his back and his wings popped out. Le sigh.
^ His arm made cool sounds!
And here's some random pics:

I sat with a gentleman who was telling me about his HUGE Sci fi book collection and gave me a bunch of great recomendations to read! Saturday night we went out to dinner then came back to our hotel room. We pretty much just hung out on our balcony watching the people below, drinking the "pink juice", laughing and singing. Lots of singing. We apologize for any of the rooms within earshot :-) We did go for a little midnight field trip, walked around the hotel, met some characters along the way :-)
Sunday was another dealer day. I got to make a few mirrors and magnets that were exactly what people wanted which was really cool. I love making the magnets and mirrors and keychains. It's so fun. I had some girls go through all the pictures I had on hand and they picked out which ones they wanted! I made them there on the spot. We had another guy want the Firefly cast and some Star Trek so I made them for him. He was one of my favorite customer of the day because he left us with this word gem "Booth Barnacle". As in "I don't want to be a booth barnacle and hang around all day" HA! I love it.
And then we met Peter Beagle. He was amazing. Seriously the nicest man ever. He told us stories, laughed and smiled at Camille, and was just all around a great guy to hang with. Here he is with Amber:

This convention really was an awesome time. It made me want to read more (I did buy a book there!), get into Cosplay, and do more conventions! It was a blast. I can't wait to do it again next year and do many more Cons! If you know of any that you've been to and love, let us know! We want to branch out!
Also, I promise to work on our website this week, so stay tuned!! :-)

Friday, March 14, 2014

So much new stuff!

We are gearing up for our first really big show. And we are SO FREAKING EXCITED! and nervous. very nervous. But we're making so much stuff hopefully people will love it all! Here are some sneak peaks of what we have:

And so much more. I will post more pics of our booth next weekend!